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I have always been interested in paranormal activity, and with this tour being in my home town I know I needed to try it out. I learned so many interesting things about the town and HIGHLY recommend anyone to join!

Friday PRIVATE Tour: Jan—27, 10:30 am
Carissa Ray
So much FUN!

We took our boys on a private tour in daytime because they are little and can’t handle the late nights! The tour was still spooky and so much fun!!!!

Saturday Hayride Tour: Dec—3, 7pm
James & Sarah
Fantastic Tour!

We took the tour tonight and had an absolute blast! Leah Lamp had such fascinating and creepy information on historic Montgomery! Haha! Also, thank you to our driver who made for such a smooth and comfortable hay-ride! Thank you SO much for such a great evening!!!

Saturday Tour: Nov—12, 7pm
Very Interesting & informative

Leah had lots of historic information at each of the sites we visited. The stories of spirit activity were interesting & entertaining. The tour was a fun & unique experience overall.

Friday PRIVATE Tour: Oct—21, 8:45 pm
Paula Harvey
Lamplight Ghost Tours

Tour was full of REAL stories with REAL people. The history of Montgomery was very interesting. We found new places we will eat and shop at in the future. The tour guide was very nice and informative. Fun times and stories at the wine bar too. Very accommodating to allow our 8 people to do a private tour.

Saturday Tour: Oct—29, 7pm
Great tour

The tour was very interesting. Lots of great info and stories. We got what looked like a shadow person in one pic so that was pretty crazy. The town is definitely haunted. Definitely would do it again.

Saturday Tour: Oct—29, 7pm
Michele Buckner
Bringing the stories behind the facts to light.

To say Leah does an outstanding job serving as a guide simply would not do her or the tour justice. Leah's love for the Montgomery area and its history definitely shine throughout the outing. It's obvious she has put in significant research and her love for history into this guided dive into Montgomery's history as she brings the stories behind the facts to light.

Saturday Tour: Oct—29, 7pm
So much history

What a great tour. Learned so much and heard some great haunted stories.

Thursday Tour: Oct—27, 7pm
Naomi Dixon
So much fun!

I had a great time on the ghost tour yesterday! Lots of very interesting facts and exciting stories. Leah did a fantastic job at sharing the info with us all. Highly recommended!

Thursday Tour: Oct—27, 7pm
Best Ghost Tour!

My friends and I have a tradition of an annual ghost tour for over 10 yrs now. This was the best! Very knowledgeable, easy to hear because of the mic (nice touch) and interesting stops. We had a great time!

Friday Tour: Oct—28, 7pm
Rhonda Brandenberger

Friday Tour: Oct—28, 7pm

Sunday Tour: Oct—16, 7pm
Great tour!

Leah was a fantastic tour guide! We had a great time learning about some interesting Montgomery history.

Thursday Tour: Oct—6, 7pm
Marianne Walters
Lamplight Ghost Tour

We have lived in Montgomery, TX many years and did not know much of the history that Leah revealed. She was a fun guide, as she told first -hand accounts of ghostly sightings in many of the old buildings. I would recommend this tour.

Saturday Tour: Oct—15, 7pm
Tynadra B.

Tonight was the first time I ever been on a lamplight ghost tour, and I truly enjoyed myself! The tour guide was very entertaining and knowledge about the various historical markers! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a thrill!

Friday Tour: Oct—14, 7pm
Fun & Informative

This was an awesome night out! Strolling through downtown Montgomery, and hearing the haunted history made for a fun evening!

Thursday Tour: Oct—6, 7pm
liz Williams
loved the tour

the tour was informative and fun. the walk was not hard. the history of montgomery was interesting and spooky. phill's was busy so beverage service was slow. maybe just have pitchers of water and tea on the table. little hiccups can be expected in the beginning. a worthwhile experience.

Friday Tour: Oct—7, 7pm
Spooky, Not Scary - Very Informative!

Leah has really done her research on the historic homes in Montgomery; providing SpOoKy tales along with so much history! She was the perfect host and tour guide. Tour was just enough walking and at a slow pace with stops thoughtfully planned out. We had a great night and would highly recommend!

Friday Tour: Oct—7, 7pm
Educational and entertaining

We really enjoyed our tour of Montgomery. A great way to learn some history of Montgomery and interesting stories.

Thursday Tour: Oct—6, 7pm
Pamela Sikes
Awesome! Worth your time and money

Last night my daughter and I went on this tour and it was great.Leah, the host, was excellent and very knowledgeable. We loved hearing about the history of the buildings and of the past residents of Montgomery. The ghost stories were fun to hear about and imagine. The downtown setting in the evening and its flickering lights gave us a warm reception. The walk wasn’t difficult but there were times it was not very easy. My feet were a little sore afterward because of walking on rocks in places, so need good thick soled shoes for the tour. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who loves good ghost stories and history with hopes of seeing a ghost or two.

Sunday Tour: Oct--2, 7pm
Great Ghost Tour!!

We went on this tour for my moms birthday - we had a great time learning more about the history of Montgomery as well as some creepy/eerie stories! Super neat tour with great information!

Sunday Tour: Oct--2, 7pm
Awesome information about Montgomery & it’s rich history

Loved the tour and found it very interesting! Thank you so much as I would love to bring my grandkids along next time! The blinking lights around town were fun and the cat that showed up at the end was awesome!