Lamplight Ghost Tours launched in September of 2022 to share the rich history of Montgomery, one of the oldest towns in Texas. And you know where there's history, there's ghosts as well!

Lamplight Ghost Tours is owned and operated by Leah Lamp, a long time resident of Montgomery and natural storyteller. She collected the experiences and stories of the people that work and live in Montgomery. So book a tour and join the adventure!

Leah Lamp, Lamplight Ghost Tours

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The Conroe Courier  "Leah Lamp does not shy away from the dark and dangerous. Her love of true crime, interesting trivia, and her city has come together in a 90-minute ghost tour that will launch in Montgomery Sept. 30. Read more --->

Postcards Magazine  "When Leah moved to Montgomery in 1986, she was an impressionable teenager. She had previously attended a high school in Louisville, Kentucky with about 3,000 students, so Montgomery High School, which had about 400 students enrolled at the time, was a shock to Leah." Read more --->